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It must make sense to anyone, that before you can even begin creating your spending goals, you must first know where you are spending your money by spending category.  For your convenience, Money Management has made this an easy process by pre-listing spending categories for you in alphabetical order.  Simply click on the category of choice, enter the amount and click save.  Your spending tracker is automatically updated.  You have the choice of entering expenditures online or simply call it in on your cell phone (any cell Phone) or use the smart phone apps on your Droid or I-Phone to capture your spending in less than 1 minute, in real time, when the spending takes place.  There's nothing to create, it's all done for you.  What could be more simple or easy to do? 

You can also add spending categories by simply clicking on "Add Category", should there be one that is not listed.  The pie chart shows you at a glance how much you've spent by spending category and what percentage of your spendable income this represents.






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docNloc Data Storage

docNloc is an easy way to manage all of the important content in your life.  Upload life insurance policies, health insurance, wills, loan docs, deeds of trust, auto insurance docs, medical records and other legal documents you want to capture and save for easy access.  You might want to also capture and save important photos you want to remember in life's journey.  You can even create a paperless office for home or business.  It's as easy as setting up a separate folder by name or by item, scanning in the important document, or uploading them from the web, then dropping them into a folder.  With docNloc you can access all of your content anytime from anywhere.  All you need is an internet or mobile connection. You can even share them with multiple people at one time or put a time limit on how long someone has to view what you've shared.

With docNloc, your content is always 100% secure.  All of the information sent to and from docNloc is run through high-level encryption and is stored behind a secure firewall and constantly backed-up in our protected redundant data centers.  You will never have to worry about losing your data in a fire or flood, having it stolen, or misplacing it when you move.  If your computer crashes or gets a virus, no problem, docNloc keeps all of your important documents out of harms way so you can sleep soundly and never worry again about the loss of this very important information.


"Stop the Stupidity and Fix the Problem"

Stop the stupidity and fix the problem was written for the purpose of identifying the financial challenge American families are facing today or will face in the future, offering the solutions to overcoming these challenges, and pursuing the great opportunity we have to help others solve the financial difficulties they face while making an exceptional income for yourself. The good news for all who read this book is that debt, and the pain, fear, and suffering that it causes for all of us, doesn't have to be your fate.  It's never to late too wake up and step into the sunlight; take the responsibility, and know that life really is worth living. No matter what our financial circumstances are, we deserve better than suffering from the worry and the anxiety caused by financial problems. We are worthy of the great benefits that are derived from better managing our money and becoming debt free. This book will help you achieve this end result.  ORDER IT NOW!  


E-MAX, email on the fly:

If you could organize, capture and store your thoughts for easy recall, you would become better organized, more efficient and more productive, which would then allow you to concentrate on the things you need to accomplish first.  This would save you time and anguish, and lead you to a more constructive, stress free lifestyle.  E-MAX is one of the most sophisticated but easy to use (hands free) email applications in America today that will allow you to accomplish more in less time, GUARANTEED.

With E-MAX, you can also send an e-mail by simply speed dialing E-MAX and saying; for example: e-mail existing account Rob Jones, then speak the message and hang up.  E-MAX will verify the name, automatically search your database for the e-mail address, and then send your message within seconds in the form of an MP3 audio file.  Because the message is sent in the form of an MP3 audio file, it can be sent in any language you can speak.  By replying in a natural voice format, all nuance and subtlety can be left intact ensuring the accuracy of the users reply.  You can also e-mail with delayed sending.  Let's say you want to send a client an e-mail in your own voice wishing them happy birthday.  You can send it today while the thought is fresh on your mind, but have it delivered on a day, date and time in the future. You can also send yourself important reminders that will notify you on a day, date and time in the future of those important events you don't want to forget.  This could be school activities, church activities or doctors appointment. Take the next step to greater productivity.